Scoot City Tours was founded on July 7, 2007 by John R. Yeager, III “Johnny”. It started out as a rental/advertising company on the Las Vegas Strip. However, after two long seasons of tourists playing bumper cars with the scooters coupled with the large advertising budgets of a select few sponsors drying up, the company had to turn to an entirely different direction.

On a nice fall day in November, the Yeager family and one key executive, Micah Paul, drove from Summerlin to Red Rock Canyon in the 3 wheel scootercars to take their family Christmas photo. The instant the scootercars rolled through the gates of Red Rock Canyon, the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Yeager started to click. At that very moment, he knew he had to start a tour company.

So……here’s the story……about 10 tours in 2008. Lead to about 50 tours in 2009. Then social media and the power of the internet put Scoot City on the map in 2010. Currently, we are proud to say that Scoot City Tours has truly become an international company with thousands of tourists from all over the world raving about the Scoot City Experience. The pure energy and knowledge of our tour guides, parlayed with the never ending quest for superior customer service and safety, are three sure fire ways to do something out of the ordinary and make it absolutely spectacular!